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You only need to give us one thing:
your trust

The H/W/S Group
in Stuttgart and the surrounding area

is the best partner for medium sized enterprises, family companies, freelancers and private persons. As a partner, we stand by our customers providing them with top quality services. The scope of services includes tax consultancy, audits, legal advice and counsel, corporate consulting and much more.
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Tax consultants, auditors and highly educated specialized staff

are the foundation of our highly qualified team. H/W/S maintains an exceptional company culture. The company culture is characterized by ongoing continued development, open communication and fun. We call this fuks.

Once again, H/W/S is one of the best employers in Germany.

On June 26th, H/W/S received the TOP JOB Award for the second time since 2013. Ex-Minister for Economic Affairs Wolfgang Clement presented the award in Essen.

FOCUS MONEY considers H/W/S to be
one of the best tax consulting firms.

Late February 2016, the business magazine conducted a survey of around 10,000 tax consulting firms throughout Germany. More at FOCUS MONEY Test 2016.

H/W/S is one of the top tax consulting firms in Stuttgart.

The Social Sciences Institute Schad (S.W.I.) conducted the survey on behalf of the Handelsblatt. Read more about the best tax consultants in Stuttgart.

Are you looking for an interesting place to work

with space to develop your creative ideas? We are interested in competent auditors, tax consultants and attorneys. We place emphasis on young talent from our own ranks. Gain your first experience with us during your training and studies. H/W/S offers long-term prospects and secure employment.

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